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July 1962 set up "Uejima Ryokan" at Izu Inatori Hot Spring
October 1995 established UEJIMAKIKAKU,Inc. as IT service provider
March 1996 set up "Hotel Mibunosyo" as associated company at Izu Inatori Hot Spring
April 1996 UEJIMAKIKAKU,Inc. - established Tokyo business office at Ueno, Taito-ku
May 1996 UEJIMAKIKAKU,Inc. - established software division
April 1998 UEJIMAKIKAKU,Inc. - established Osaka business office
June 1998 UEJIMAKIKAKU,Inc. - Tokyo business office moved to Okachi-machi, Taito-ku
UEJIMAKIKAKU,Inc. - established IT business division
May 2000 set up "UKnet,Inc." as IT incubator
September 2000 Tokyo business office moved to Higashi-Tabata, Kita-ku
August 2001 set up "Open System Solutions,Inc." as IT solution provider
March 2002 started IT business school
June 2002 joined in Japan Users Association of Information Systems(JUAS)
September 2003 UKnet,Inc. Open System Solutions,Inc. - established Osaka business office
UEJIMAKIKAKU,Inc. - Osaka business office moved to same place
August 2005 UEJIMAKIKAKU,Inc. - acquired PM(Privacy Mark) authentication
December 2005 UKnet Vietnum,Inc. established in Ho Chi Minh
May 2006 UEJIMA Investment,Inc. established
September 2006 Local General Institute,Inc. established
December 2006 joined in The Securities Analysts Association of Japan
August 2007 UEJIMAKIKAKU,Inc. Yokohama business office established
April 2008 joined in Information Processing Society of Japan(IPSJ)
October 2009 started basis enginee instruction course at IT business school
June 2010 "Otameshi-ya" started service
March 2011 took part in the planning of The Institute of Financial Risk management and Audit(IFRA)
November 2011 participated in The Japanese Association of Value-Creating ERM
April 2012 participated in Finance Tomon-Kai at Graduate school,Waseda Univ.
participated in Japan Association for Chief Financial Officers
establised ERM driving divison

October 2012

"Otameshi-ya" started service as bento luncher

Nobember 2012

ISO31000 operation started within company
January 2013 ERM consultant division established
February 2013 "Data Scientist Cultivation Course" external sales started
March 2013

"Data Analyst Cultivation Course" external sales started

April 2013 "Business Analyst Cultivation Course" external sales started
September 2013 joined in Japan Statistical Society
April 2014  participated in The Operations Research Society of Japan(OR Society)  as a supporting member
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