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 Outsourcing service makes it possible to improve efficiency of management focusing on core business (merchandise and service development and accession of competing power) and realize of speeding up with utilizing external specialistic knowledge or staffs effectively. It is essential for management strageties to support and maintain growth of business.

Outsourcing Service of Sales
IT staffs of our company's outsourcing service of sales act over on behalf of our customers and operate online sales and marketing.

Online sales service
Homepage building
Sending direct e-mai
Net advertising
Utilizing CRM(Sales Support Software)
Number of potential customers and business acquaintances
Reports based on database
IT Outsoucring Service
We elucidate management problems of our customers and provide solutions from consultations of making plans of basic systemization constructure to realize helpful strategies for solving to plannning, developing and migration of information system comprehensively.

System consulting
From analyzing present data to providing measures and systems to promote management
Spot diagnosis, annual contract, etc
System plannning
Requirement definition, basic design, detailed design
System development
Programming, system test
System maintainance
Maintainance after system started working
System operation
Operation after system started working
IT Engineer On-site Service
Our IT engineer* works on residential developement at customer site and promotes IT construction of infrastructure and development of WEB system for practicing IT business.

Examples of service contents
Introducing and improving of network infrastructure
Construction, maintainance and operation of inter-office server
Introducing and improving of inter-office Local Area Network
Development and maintainance of intranet system
Planning, development, maintainance and operationg of WEB system
Negotiation with implementer or vendor and material procurement

*IT engineers are the staffs completed our company's business cultivating curriculum, mastered the operation of construction of network and intranet.

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